Friday, July 19, 2019


Novelty items for those who are hard to shop for.

Life is Good Drinking Jar

Clear glass old fashioned jar for drinking, trimmed with full-color, whimsical artwork and Scripture verse on both front and back of the jar. Mason jar style; traditional glass mug jar.

Happy Feet Ladies Socks

Happy - crazy - fashionable - cute. All words that describe these adorable socks.

Farts: A Spotters Guide

This hilarious book identifies the habitat, range, voice, and "field marks" of ten common wind breakers, from the gentle hiss of the Silent-but-Deadly to the rip-roaring flatulation of the Seismic Blast.

Dancing to the Beat – Water Speakers

Audio Dancing to the Beat Water Speakers - The lights and water pulse to the beat of the song.

Drift Racers Stunt Crew

Drift Racers Stunt Crew set includes 6 drift racers, metallic stickers, paint and brush for customizing each car. Pull back and watch 'em go!

Plane, Crane, Monster Truck 3 set

Build your own crane, Monster Truck, and Fighter Plane with these stainless steel construction systems.

Night Max LED Football

Night Max LED Football - Provides an ultra-bright glow! Light up the night!

Holiday Snack Platter

This Gingerbread Man Holiday snack platter is great for entertaining over the holidays. Inside you will find a small booklet with festive snack and treat recipes from Goose berry patch.

Candle Waves Magic Color-Changing Candle

Candle colors can be changed to reflect the mood of the moment with the push a button. Watch in awe as waves of color create the atmosphere you want in seconds.

Block Wireless Speaker (Blue)

Bluetooth Speaker block Includes - Wireless Speaker, USB Power Cable, & AUX Input Cable.

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