Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Holiday Snack Platter

Flash Frisbee Set

Deluxe 15pc Tool Kit

American Girl Build a Scarf

American Girl Build a Scarf


Novelty items for those who are hard to shop for.

Grad Memory Book

This beautifully designed book will be kept for years to come - preserving some of the best memories from the best years of anyone's life.

12pc Socket & Screwdriver Bit Set

12pc socket and screwdriver set. Includes: 7 screwdrivers, 4 sockets and socket adapters.

SuperFly Monkey With Chute

Watch and listen as he flies through the air, coming back to earth with grace and style as his parachute opens on the way down.

Whoo . . . Do You Love Tote

The Whoo...Do You Love Tote features a hand crafted design with reinforced handles. Picture pockets provide easy access to show off your favorite photos.

Inspirational Key Necklace

Simple words scribed on a delicate key will adorn you with purpose so meaningfully. Inspire your days, fulfill your desires, wearing a charm as each day requires.

Granddaughter Woodgrain Music Box

The young woman who has given you so much in life will fall in love with the heartfelt sentiment and exquisite artwork on this gorgeous music box. Plays the tune "You Are My Sunshine."

Cynoculars VR Headset & Remote

With Cynoculars, you can now immerse yourself in limitless 3D experiences using your smart phone for a fully interactive virtual reality experience. An innovative headset that is both affordable and portable!

Blissful Moisturizing Gel Socks

Retail Price: $19.95 Our Price: $9.00 Savings: 55% Use 20 minutes with your favorite lotion for extra intensive moisturizing treatment. Self activating gel contains Jojoba oil, Olive Oil,...

Infinity Scarf 3-Pack Set

These scarfs can be worn in several different ways and are the perfect addition to any wardrobe!

I Feel Good Dancing Grad Bear

Graduation Chantilly Lane 14" Dancing & Singing Bear To The Song "I Got You (I Feel Good)" Written by James Brown.

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