Saturday, October 19, 2019

Snowman Wind Spinner

Charger Pro

Tickle Monster Laughter Kit


Novelty items for those who are hard to shop for.

Sock Monkey Jack in the Box

Our Sock Monkey Jack in the Box plays "Pop Goes the Weasel" and then jumps out as a happy surprise.

Set of 2 Photo Frame Stickers

Easy stick on frames for your home. A great way to make your home look creative and fun in an elegant way while display your photos. No hammers or nails just easy mess free stickers.

Touchable Bubbles

Blow the bubbles high into the air, wait a few seconds, then once the bubbles turn transparent, you can catch, touch and stack them.

Flapping Ear Elephant – Hey Baby…

Our new 10" Elephant plush doll is soft and cute with flapping ears and dances along to the classic tune “Hey Baby”.

Night Max LED Football

Night Max LED Football - Provides an ultra-bright glow! Light up the night!

Holiday Cheer Bracelet

The Holiday Cheer Bracelet features colorful glass and metal beads in festive holiday colors. It comes in a beautiful keepsake box.

LED Lantern 3 Pack

LED Power Lantern - nothing better (or safer) to have with you than 3 reliable lanterns to take camping, road trips, or to have ready for use in emergencies.

How to Draw 5 set plus Sketch Pad

How to Draw! features simple step-by-step directions, along with useful tips and hints, to make drawing fantastical creatures, horses, cars, dinosaurs and baby animals easy and fun!

6 LED Magnifying Glass 2-set (Blue/Black)

Magnify and illuminate simultaneously with the Super Bright 6 LED 4x Magnifying Glass. Bring small type and minuscule projects into focus with this incredible magnifier from Super Bright.

American Girl Fashion Kit (3-Set)

With the American Girl Fashion Kit trace details, patterns, accessories to pre-printed fashion silhouettes with the stencil sheets. Adorn with stickers.

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