Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Home and Garden Ideas

Puck Light with Remote – 4 Pack from Sharper Image

This versatile puck light set makes it ideal for anywhere in your home. The wall-mountable wireless switch powers the LED lights via remote control.

LOVE Metal LED Marquee Light

Each letter in this marquee light features soft white, long-lasting LED lights. Warm, red vintage styling complements traditional or contemporary decor.

Tree of Life Sun Catcher

Dangle this beautiful sun catcher crystal before your home or car window and behold. This magnificent crystal scatters patches of rainbow light throughout.

Auto Emergency Kit – Roadside Kit

The Auto Emergency Kit is one tool set that drivers should never leave home without. This multipurpose collection comes with all the essentials.

I Love You to the Moon LED Photo Frame

The LED Photo Frame is the perfect way to express your love and looks great in any home. In addition, the quote lights up by the flip of a switch.

Red Copper Pan (10 inch)

This 10" Red Copper Pan is the revolutionary non-stick ceramic cookware made of ultra-tough Copper! Guaranteed to defy scratches making it the most durable pan you'll ever use.

Boot Socks (3 Pack)

Create your own look with this cozy yet stylish set of Boot Socks. Wear them tall or short. Great with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses and more!

Family Rules Canvas (6 Piece Wall Art)

The Family Rules Canvas comes in 6 separate frames. The frames allow for multiple display arrangements. And each frame comes with its own attached hanger.

4 Infinity Scarves + Bonus Scarf Hanger

The 4 solid color Infinity Scarves are black, red, gold, and teal. They also come with a nice scarf hanger to keep them organized and a card showing you various ways to wear them.

2 Non-Slip Foldable Cutting Boards

Kitchen Envy's Foldable Cutting Boards.have a unique foldable design. Just cut and then convert into a chute that makes adding chopped foods a breeze.

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