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Deluxe Hot & Cold Gel Wrap

The Deluxe Hot & Cold wrap is a reusable gel pack. Wraps around knees, arms, shoulders & more! It has an adjustable comfort-fit sleeve. The Hot helps increase blood flow and flexibility, well the Cold helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

Owl Sticky Note Set

Sticky Notes Memo Set Ideal for memo notes, organizing files & bookmarking. Great for home, school or office use. Perfect little reminders - stick them to the fridge, wall, desk or filing cabinet.

Happy Frog Solar Lights

Plant this whimsical Happy Frog Solar Lights display anywhere in the garden to add charm and delight to the surroundings. At night, the frogs emit a warm LED glow that change color. The solar panel powers all 3 ornaments.

Georgia Garden Guide

With proven, practical instructions presented through gorgeous imagery and adapted specially for the Georgian climate, Georgia Getting Started Garden Guide is your ticket to successful planting in the Empire State of the South.

Mother Teresa Frame

This beautiful wooden frame displays an inspiring message from Mother Teresa about forgiveness, kindness and honesty.

Emergency Flashlight

Emergency Flashlight with Seat Belt Cutter and Glass - Breaking Window Hammer. Always be prepared by keeping this multi - tool in your glove compartment.

8-in-1 Screwdriver With Light (NEW)

The 8-in-1 Screwdriver with Flashlight is an All-in-One Tool Kit! The right driver right at your fingertips! Features 7 fold-out screwdrivers with built-in, ultra-bright LED beam.

Fused Glass Sunflower Solar – Home Craft Expressions – Garden

Hand-crafted and assembled by Home Craft Expressions, the sunflower solar design is sure to be an outstanding centerpiece in your patio or garden.

12pc Socket & Screwdriver Bit Set

12pc socket and screwdriver set. Includes: 7 screwdrivers, 4 sockets and socket adapters.

Owls Weekly Organizer

All-In-One Weekly Organizer by Sharla Fults. Includes 1 sticky note pad with 70 sheets, 1 writing pad with 70 sheets, 4 flag sticky pads 70 each, and a storage envelope.

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