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Brain Games 3 set

My First Word Builder

Highlights 3-Set NEW

Childrens Education

Childrens Education
Educational Books for Children

You Are My Wish, Wonder, Love 3-Set

This lovable 3-book set includes: You Are My I Love You, You Are My Wonders, You Are My Wish.

Magnet Books (2 Book Set)

Join the farmer and his noisy animal, meet the busy machines down on the farm in this interactive magnet book.

Life Cycles 8 Book Set

Packed with fascinating facts about life cycles. Amazing photographs of every stage. Labeled diagrams to explain growth and development.

Match and Learn 3-Set – Hinkler Building Blocks

A complete Match and Learn building block set are educational. Topics include spelling fun, counting numbers and word sounds.

You Can Draw (6 Book Set)

Inside you'll find information on what sorts of materials to gather, clear instructions with diagrams, plus heaps of helpful artists' tips.

Write-On, Wipe-Off Lap Board 10-Set

A+ Dry Erase Double-Sided Lap Board. Use your own dry-erase markers or crayons!

Palette Pages 4-Set

Introduce young children to watercolor painting and numbers with Palette Pages Numbers. Also includes the Alphabet, Shapes and Colors. Each painting page comes complete with its own palette of watercolors!

Photographic Fantasy 3 set

This Photographic Fantasy Book set of 3 includes: Lost in the Woods, Stranger in the Woods, First Snow in the Woods.

Brain Games Kids Spiral 3 set

This 3 book set is part of the popular Brain Games series. These books are packed with an entertaining collection of crossword puzzles, word games, math puzzles, mazes, picture puzzles, and more.

Little Golden Book (8 Set in Tote)

A child's favorite story can come with them. This Little Golden Book set fits into a fun bag - making it easy and fun to carry around just about anywhere.

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