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Children Books

Children Books
Children Books, Story Time

5 Minute Stories 15 Book Set

These sweet stories also contain a heartwarming message. With fifteen stories to choose from, you're sure to find a new family favorite!

Llama Llama 3-Set (NEW)

The inviting, over-sized paintings are bold and colorful, and Llama Llama's priceless expressions carry the emotional arc of the story to its gentle conclusion.

Highlights Write On Wipe Off (3 Book Set)

Highlights Write on Wipe off will keep your kids engaged for hours with this 3 books set. Enjoy ABC Puzzles, Hidden Pictures, and Puzzlemania.

Little Hide & Seek 3-Set

These sturdy books are perfect for preschoolers to hold, and an engaging character is hiding somewhere on every spread, ready to help toddlers along. Each book also features a special surprise at the end.

Sing With Me This Christmas

Sing With Me This Christmas is a fully illustrated songbook that includes 25 of the most beautiful Christmas songs and song lyrics.

Chatterboox Finger Puppet Books (4 Book Set)

A furry finger puppet creates entertainment on every page. There's a ready-made rhyming conversation in the book, and you can make up your own as well.

How to Draw 5 set plus Sketch Pad

How to Draw! features simple step-by-step directions, along with useful tips and hints, to make drawing fantastical creatures, horses, cars, dinosaurs and baby animals easy and fun!

Honk On The Road – Discovery Kids

Busy toddlers won't be able to resist pressing the buttons that go honk and copying the familiar vehicle sounds that accompany the colorful photographs on every page.

Baby Einstein Amazing Animals!

Read rhymes aloud as your little one learns words from Baby Einstein's world!

Night Before 8 Book Set – Spring Series

Author Natasha Wing's The Night Before series is a childhood favorite. Our book set includes 8 wonderful stories related to spring events and holidays.

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