Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Product out on display for Books Are Fun

SAKitToMe Tote Bag 4 set

This SAKitToMe tote bag set by ENVIROTREND features ultra-lightweight and portable shopping bags.

Snowman & Santa Refrigerator Magnet

Create a Snowman or Santa on your refrigerator! Great for other magnetic surfaces too! Bring the holidays into your kitchen.

Chunky Notepad – Bird’s Nest

Decorative hardcover 400 page memo pad with included gel pen attached to memo pad. Ideal for use on your desk, by your phone, in a meeting or in any handy spot.

12pc Socket & Screwdriver Bit Set

12pc socket and screwdriver set. Includes: 7 screwdrivers, 4 sockets and socket adapters.

Greeting Card Keepsake Box Set (50pc)

The Greeting Card Keepsake Box Set contains 50 uniquely designed greeting cards for all occasions, with matching envelopes.

Eric Carle What Do You See?

With this interactive book set, your little explorer can get a closer look at click beetles, ladybugs, fireflies, and more!

30 Assorted Gel Pens (new)

30 Assorted Gel Pens Great for stenciling, scrapbooking, drawing, writing & much more!

Goodnight Sleep Tight 3-Set

This beautifully illustrated magical story from best-selling author Margaret Wise Brown - it’s a perfect bedtime story for your little one.

Grandma Tell Me Your Story Journal Hydra

The guided journal is divided into six sections that are designed to help record life’s major events and personal anecdotes, as well as note family ancestry and traditions.

Glow in the Dark Ogosport

Catch and throw balls up to 150'. Acts as a throwing disk by itself. Adapts to many sports activities such as volleyball, baseball, and tennis and awesome with water balloons.

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