The anticipation is over. The “big reveal” of a Books Are Fun transformation takes a major step forward this week.

What better place to do it than in fabulous Las Vegas.

Independent Representatives across the country from all Books Are Fun divisions gather at the Wynn Resort July 11 – 14  as we look to the future and our new brand release.

The vision for a new name and entirely new look was nothing more than a dream some years ago. President, Ben Kaplan took a greater role and ownership and kicked off the transformation with several initiatives. Ben’s first priority – improving both product offering and quality control. By taking ownership and full responsibility in both product lineup and quality, the foundation for a makeover had been poured.

Little did we know the this was only the beginning.

Coupled with additional initiatives each of the next few years, the company addressed other needed improvements. Customer satisfaction and retention got a little love the following year. To be certain, Ben was very serious about a new 100% Satisfaction Guarantee when he announced it two years ago. In short, the solid backing by the company enables us to guarantee that customers love their purchase or we’d make it right. As a result, it makes customers happy, and it makes Independent Representatives happy.

Today, we have complete confidence in what we offer.

Then, while in Cancun last year, the vision of a completely new brand was introduced. The new name had been narrowed down to just two – but they didn’t give up either name just yet.

With a solid foundation in place – all our prior work needed one more overhaul to solidify all we had done in the past three years and ready all of us for the big reveal this week.

We first consolidated regions then split and specialized Regional Managers. Instead of one point of contact for both sales and inventory, the company separated the two as Sales Managers and Inventory Specialist. Regional Sales Managers now have time to work with and motivate Independent Representatives in an effort to increase sales and productivity. Inventory Specialists now have the ability to access and spread out inventory more evenly. As a result we are able to go much deeper into a sales cycle without running out of our top sellers as quickly. We also have less carryover, selling more than 90% of our total lineup each cycle.

In the final analysis, cash flow to purchase new product is at an all time high as a company. Representative also end up with less carryover and more room in our warehouse for new product.

Truly a win – win.

And lastly – to help spread the word, a new E-Blast feature has been rolled out over the last year. The E-Blast enables Reps to highlight event dates, locations, and featured products. This ads better communication and promotion for our customers to take advantage of what we are offering.

Personally, I’m very proud of the work and advancement of the Books Are Fun I see today. The most frustrating part is trying to pull out the new name and new look. (It’s driving me crazy!)

But they insisted we had to wait until this week to reveal what we will move forward as.

The itch will soon be released. The new name and branding will be revealed this week and I can’t wait to share it with our loyal customers who already love who we are and what we do for them.

I can honestly say – I’m supper hyped and excited about what’s about to take place.

It all starts today!

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The Book Man
District Manager for Collective Goods, (Formerly Books Are Fun) of North Georgia since 2011. Servicing a 28 County territory with over 600 schools and businesses just North of Atlanta. The Book Man is an avid computer and technology geek and enjoys internet marketing and e-commerce.


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