Books Are Fun Now Collective Goods
Books Are Fun Now Collective Goods

As a group, we traveled to Las Vegas last week as Books Are Fun. We are now home and back in our territory with a super cool new logo and great new name. Collective Goods.

The re-brand of the company has been in the works for more than three years. When we got together last year, the name, the logo, and new look was super top-secret until day two of this years National Conference, Tuesday morning.

The official launch of Collective Goods to the public will be released August 1st. The launch will include a new site and marketing materials. As Independent Partners, we are only too happy to facilitate the transition. Thousands of schools and businesses across the county will participate over the next year.

This is a big deal for all of us, and most of us are jumping out of our skin to shout it from the mountain tops. That’s how proud and excited we all our about the vision of this new mission and new brand.

All In for each other, our customers, the greater good.

We are a close-knit family that believes in pushing further, doing more and making a difference. We are a national, local company with a big reach and a big heart. This is our moment to bring a new focus to what we offer and why it matters.

Comparatively that may sum it up for most companies. Collective Goods however is so much more at our core.

We are Cool. Contemporary, innovative products available at pop up flash sales in unique locations throughout the USA.

We are Convenience. We bring the store to the customers and create experiences that are easy, fun and memorable.

We Care. We strive to provide everyone who interacts with us in a positive, uplifting experience – every time.

We have a Cause. We not only deliver a world-class retail experience we enrich the community by giving back with every sale.

President, Ben Kaplan calls this our “4 C’s”. Words with value and cause that unite all of us. They define us. They motivate us. They speak to who we are as individuals with a common goal.

So there you have it! Books Are Fun has been a great brand for the last 25 years. At the same time, we needed to re-think and re-brand in order to stay ahead of the game.

Light years ahead. To be sure, we couldn’t be prouder of all the folks who helped create our new look and new name. Quite simply – it ROCKS!

Look for us popping up all across this great county. We ARE the new face of retail!

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The Book Man
District Manager for Collective Goods, (Formerly Books Are Fun) of North Georgia since 2011. Servicing a 28 County territory with over 600 schools and businesses just North of Atlanta. The Book Man is an avid computer and technology geek and enjoys internet marketing and e-commerce.


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