Vinegar – Lemons – Baking Soda 3-Set

Vinegar – Lemons – Baking Soda 3-Set

Vinegar - Lemons - Baking Soda 3-Set
Vinegar - Lemons - Baking Soda 3-Set

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Vinegar, Lemons, and Baking Soda come in convenient set of 3, making it a fantastic deal. A must have set for every home for quick, easy, and eco-friendly solutions that actually work.

Vinegar, Lemons and Baking Soda are not only cheap and readily available, all three have hundreds of uses that not only work, but are environmentally friendly.

Vinegar may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you need to get rid of a stubborn wine stain or soothe a tickly cough. However, this ancient cupboard staple is regaining its rightful place. Vinegar is cheap, versatile and environmentally friendly solution to many household tasks. This invaluable book has sections on how to use vinegar in the laundry, DIY, gardening, health and beauty, pet care and of course in the kitchen. Hundreds of hints, tips, advice and recipes are provided in a clear, accessible style. Attractively illustrated, this brilliant little book is a visual treat as well as an invaluable practical aid.

Lemons are cheap, eco-friendly and multi-talented as well as deliciously flavored and aromatic. If you are fed up with using detergents that are less than kind to your skin, then take a look at this all-natural, safe alternative. Packed full of tips and suggestions for how to put the humble lemon to good use. This chunky, attractively illustrated, essential guide shows you how to clean around the home, polish, deodorize, deter pests, protect pets, take care of your skin, improve your health and cook tasty dishes.

Baking soda is far more than a baking ingredient. Baking soda can be used in all manner of household tasks including cleaning, laundry, animal care, and health and beauty. This is the essential guide to maximizing the potential of this cheap, environmentally-friendly and multi-purpose product. Tips range from removing baked-on food from pans to making your own facial scrub. How about getting stubborn stains out of your clothes, or shampooing your dog? “Baking Soda” also gets the kids involved! Try some fun science experiments and sweet treats. As well as providing culinary tips and a few tasty recipes for breads, cakes and cookies.

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