Ahhh, we love Spring!

Of course when you think of Spring that usually includes Spring Cleaning. Every so often, a simple cleaning turns into a complete remodel, and that’s exactly what happened here.

We’ve got to tell you – we’re really excited about the new digs!


The new look has the same content (more than 500 items can be found here dating back to 2011) but in a cleaner more modern look. The template, (Many thanks to tagDiv) has just about every bell and whistle you can imagine. (Most of the bells and whistles we haven’t even begun to discover yet!)

The Book People Logo
Updated Logo For The Book People

The entire project started off with a new logo design, which we’ve been wanting to do for some time. It’s the third logo we’ve had over the years, and each one has improved dramatically. Then came a casual look for a new layout to go with the logo – and it just exploded from there.

We’ve always liked the newspaper type themes, since we update the site on a regular basis – showcasing new product that comes in on a weekly basis. We get our share of traffic – even orders that ship all over the country.

Kinda nice to get so much attention for doing nothing more than what you enjoy.

You’ll still be able to find the same type of content you’ve seen in years past. Hopefully however, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for a bit easier, and just a bit faster than before.

Best of all – there’s plenty of room for growth. We do have a few tricks up our sleeve that we won’t reveal just yet, but with the power of this new site – visions and plans that formed in our head years ago are now a real possibility with a site like this. It’s all technology or “geek speak” for most, but to put it into terms just about anyone can understand – it’s got “MASSIVE cool factor” that we just can’t wait to show off.

In the meantime – if you’re a site owner or thinking about building a site of your own, I’d highly recommend the team at tagDiv. There are two main themes to choose from, and the documentation and support are first class. Personally, they had me at “Hello” after watching this intro video.

In truth, the new design has been a blessing and a curse. On the one hand we could (and have) spend hours on the computer – writing, editing, tweaking, and playing.

On the other, the family also notices we have spent hours on the computer – writing, editing, tweaking and playing.

It’s a computer nerds paradise. Hope you enjoy searching, reading and buying as much as we enjoy producing it for you!

It feels good to be home.

Dig you know we've moved to brand new digs?!

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Order products online from either online store and have them shipped to any location inside the US.

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The Book Man
District Manager for Collective Goods, (Formerly Books Are Fun) of North Georgia since 2011. Servicing a 28 County territory with over 600 schools and businesses just North of Atlanta. The Book Man is an avid computer and technology geek and enjoys internet marketing and e-commerce.


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