Other Side of the Story 2-Set

Other Side of the Story 2-Set


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The Other Side of the Story Fairy Tales with a Twist 2 book set includes:

Book 1 : “That’s NOT the way it was!” say five characters from some of the world’s most beloved fairy tales. In reality, Cinderella wasen’t the sweetest belle of the ball. She was an annoying chatterbox. Jack was a petty theif. And Little Red Riding Hood? Spoiled rotten! It’s all about the point of view. Pull up a chair, and get the full scoop straight from the mouths of the wicked stepmother, the giant, the prince, Baby Bear, and the wolf. Get the Other Side of the Story!

Book 2 : “MY turn!” shout MORE characters from some of the world’s best classic fairy tales. This time the beast, the dwarves, Dame Gothel, the fairies, and the frog take center stage and share their points of view. Think Snow White was the most perfect girl ever? Wrong. She had a mind like a leaky bucket. Sleeping Beauty? A beautiful klutz. And Rapunzel? Such an ungrateful creature! Settle in, and take a listen. Time for Another other side of the story!

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