We wanted to give a huge shout out to all our great customers in all our schools in all our counties! Thanks to you – we’ve won another sales contest this school year!

It just doesn’t seem to end or even appear to slow down for us.

Sales continue to grow. We’ve won Representative of The Year two years ago, and had the largest Regional Sales increase in sales last year.

We’ve been telling everyone this whole year how we’ve been pleasantly surprised over the increase in sales compared to years past. We’ve felt it – we’ve even looked at the numbers to check for ourselves. Our customers really are buying into (pun intended) our lineups each and every cycle this entire year.

At last years Regional Conference, it was announced that the Region who had the largest year over year increase in sales would be able to pick the location for this years Regional Conference. (An all expense paid trip – anywhere in the US or Mexico.)

While we thought that would be nice – it turns out that we’ve been keeping a close eye on this “contest” since February when we realized we were in the running. By mid March, it looked as if, unless the wheels completely fell off, we’d be packing our bags for a fabulous trip this summer for our Regional Conference.

And thanks to all of you who have come to our displays and bought items in your schools – at the end – we did in fact have the largest increase in the entire country!

We’ve made our selection and all that’s really left right now is to pack our bags. We’ll be heading to Cancun, Mexico mid July for 5 glorious days at the IBEROSTAR All Inclusive Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

Winning this contest however wouldn’t have even been possible without the support of close to 300 schools we service and visit all year-long. It’s because of our great customers who not only greet us with a smile whenever we arrive with a new display, but all the fine customers who come to the displays and shop with Books Are Fun.

It just doesn’t seem fair – now does it? Our customers make it happen for us and WE get to go on an all expense paid trip to Cancun.

At least we know who made it happen for us – and that’s why we wanted to offer our sincere and heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all who made this happen for us this past year.

We certainly couldn’t have done this without YOU!

Thank you for a really – REALLY great year!!

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The Book Man
District Manager for Collective Goods, (Formerly Books Are Fun) of North Georgia since 2011. Servicing a 28 County territory with over 600 schools and businesses just North of Atlanta. The Book Man is an avid computer and technology geek and enjoys internet marketing and e-commerce.


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