Deluxe Hot & Cold Gel Wrap

Deluxe Hot & Cold Gel Wrap


Retail Price: $20.00

Our Price: $6.00

Savings: 70%

It’s new and improved!

A tried and trusted standard just got better! The Deluxe Hot & Cold wrap is a reusable gel pack. Wraps around knees, arms, shoulders & more! It has an adjustable comfort-fit sleeve. The Hot helps increase blood flow and flexibility, well the Cold helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I have a question on the usage of the wrap “Deluxe Hot Cold Wrap
    reusable gel pack” which I have.
    When micro waving should the gel pack be separately heated or with the cover.
    please clarify
    thanks and regards,

    • Either way. The cloth cover actually makes it a bit easier to take out of microwave when heated.

      Just be careful when heating! Put it in there too long and you’ll be cleaning up a very sticky mess! ;-P

    • We keep one or two in the freezer all the time. No real time limit – and always have one at the ready!

      In regard to the heating in the microwave – we heat for about a minute or minute and a half. You need to be cautious of heating this for too long! The gel expands and could explode if heated in the microwave for too long!

    • Not sure why or if that is accurate. We typically bring these in every year in the fall. This particular product has seen several “upgrades” or “enhancements” over the years. This particular style may be obsolete. Fairly sure we’ll carry something similar in the fall.

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