Flex Hose 50 ft Expanding Hose

Flex Hose 50 ft Expanding Hose


Retail Price: $29.99

Our Price: $18.00

Savings: 40%

No more mess, kinks, or tangles! Flex Hose shrinks back to its original size! Quick and easy storage and easy to install! Installs like any regular garden hose.

Coil the hose inside the reusable case, built in drainage holes for quick drying!

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  1. I purchased the flex o hose from our local book man through my workplace. The hose does not fit on a standard australian tap head nor does it come with a part to connect or convert to fit the tap. Are there parts I can buy to fit on the tap to make this purchase useable?

    • Not exactly sure how – to be honest. Did you bring the item over from the US?

      If so – the US version is not equipped to fit metric fittings. I’ve Googled “Metric Conversion Adapter” and found some solutions. Try that and see what you find.

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