Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Books Are FunYes, we know its August and the year is only half over. But it’s the start of a new school year for Books Are Fun, and we couldn’t be more excited about seeing you after the summer break.

As a loyal customer of our company, you might not notice an immediate change because the faces you’ve come to recognize as “The Book Man” will remain the same. However, the territory in the counties we serve are now under new management, and because of this change, you may notice a new bounce in our step, and an even bigger smile on our face.

The faces you’ll see this year now have ownership in the territory and schools we serve – and that brings an even bigger commitment to communication and customer service. It’s no secret that Books Are Fun offers superior service, convenience, and savings to our loyal customers, and this year we’ll be offering more features and benefits to help you shop with confidence and save even more.

One of these features is our new blog to help showcase our product and the savings you’ll find with Books Are Fun. The home page will rotate pictures and descriptions of our products along with the savings you’ll realize over the regular retail price. You’ll want to check back often for what you can expect to see in your school each of the six cycles during this coming year.

You can also view the current cycle on display here.

Just Enter Code: baukd11

Another feature you see is a new newsletter which will not only tell you when we’ll be visiting your school, but how long we’ll be there and what we’ll have on display so you won’t miss out on the savings. We do suggest that you sign up under your home e-mail address since some School Districts prohibit outside companies from contacting you in this manner.

It’s a useful tool to help inform you of when and where we will be and what we have to offer! So don’t miss out!

When signing up, please make sure you select the school you are with so we can send out our arrival notice at the proper time.

In addition, our Territory will also be branching out into other areas within the counties we serve which include Day Cares and other small businesses. You may even see Books Are Fun at various Festivals around the area, and we plan to provide an opportunity for you to host a home show – providing free books and novelties for anyone who welcomes Books Are Fun into their homes.

This New Year provides new service, new excitement, and new opportunities.

And we couldn’t be happier!

Happy New Year!

Dig you know we've moved to brand new digs?!

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The Book Man
District Manager for Collective Goods, (Formerly Books Are Fun) of North Georgia since 2011. Servicing a 28 County territory with over 600 schools and businesses just North of Atlanta. The Book Man is an avid computer and technology geek and enjoys internet marketing and e-commerce.


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